Fiscal Agent

For more than 93 years, the United Way of El Paso has focused on creating long-term, lasting change that makes El Paso a better community for everyone. El Paso, Texas is known as one of the finest multi-cultural communities in which to raise a family. One of the main necessities for raising a family successfully is having a fundamental financial education. Having this education early in life proves to be an advantage for generations of a successful family.

In 2010 while at a conference in Florida, a then member of United Way of El Paso, Denise Juarez, first heard of Money Smart Week – Chicago. Juarez felt a calling to bring this program home to El Paso, so she presented the idea to Deborah A. Zuloaga, President & CEO of United Way of El Paso. Zuloaga after getting more information about the initiative also felt compelled to initiate the program in El Paso. Zuloaga states that early on they saw the potential. She shares, “I think it was a recognition of the ability to provide individuals with fundamental financial literacy. Our United Way began to really look for ways we could have a greater impact in our community beyond just our foundational work of funding critical programs and services. We recognized that we could do so much more in teaching the pillars of a strong community.” United Way of El Paso focuses on four areas that are the pillars of a strong community and they include education, health, basic needs and financial stability.

United Way partnered with The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas- El Paso Branch, and the FDIC to bring the first Money Smart Week event to El Paso, TX! Money Smart Week in El Paso made sense then and now and continues to deliver a positive lasting impact for so many families and individuals. Every year Money Smart Week-El Paso reaches more adults and students to provide critical financial education essential to the success of our communities in this region.

Sponsors and partners for Money Smart Week-El Paso play a significant role in the growth and maintenance of the program. MSW-El Paso works hard to make sure it provides the most up to date financial education by partnering with leaders in the financial industry that are local to the area. It is imperative that financial education today include advances in technology and software use. Key partnerships with banks, credit unions and financial industry experts keep our resources new, fresh and relevant.

ALICE families have been a focal point of the work at the United Way. ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) families are families who may have multiple incomes from multiple jobs yet still struggle to make ends meet. These families have incomes above the poverty level but below the cost of living. President and CEO Zuloaga states, “I think Money Smart Week – El Paso is an incredible opportunity for us to establish a comprehensive effort that helps people learn how to budget, learn how to save money and learn how to plan for a college education. All of these life lessons lead to financial stability for a family. One of the main pillars of a strong community.” United Way of El Paso is committed to helping El Pasoans get on the road to better jobs through training, resources and programs like Money Smart Week. The United Way of El Paso plans to continue its effort to expand the MSW footprint and to establish this program as a vital component in an effort to address all the challenges that El Pasoans face when seeking financial stability.

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