Day 3 – Bank On It: Finding Safe + Affordable Bank Accounts

Wary of opening a bank account due to hidden fees and charges? Worried that you need every dollar that you earn and want to avoid being charged because of a minimum balance requirement? These are all valid concerns, given that many bank account terms contain long, confusing language on fees and high minimum balance requirements. You might have considered skipping a bank to avoid this confusion in managing your money. But did you know that unbanked families are estimated to spend over $40,000 in their lifetime on financial fees? Join us to learn about how to find accounts that remove the risk of overdraft, low balance charges, and other high fees so that you can manage your money to spend on what you choose. Learn all the ways that selecting a high-quality, safe, and affordable bank account can improve your life.

Presented by:

  • Tracy Frizzell, Executive Director, Economic Awareness Council
  • Debbie Cortez, Manager, Bank On Chicago at Economic Awareness Council
  • Toiria Baker, Teen & Young Adult Program Manager, Economic Awareness Council